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Pure Here & There: A Norn Iron Road Trip Like No Other

Pure Here & There: Two hallions, one Harp campervan and a Norn Iron road trip like no other!

From the eejits creative geniuses behind satirical news website The Ulster Fry comes ‘Pure Here & There’, a seven part online comedy series featuring two local lads with an unquenchable thirst for adventure. In the comedy shorts, the budding Joe Mahons use Harp's Pure Here lager cans as a travel guide as they make their way around the untamed countryside, towns and cities of Northern Ireland in their trusty van.

Tune in every week to see the fellas check out what's hot in the Fermanagh lakelands; ponder openly why anybody would wish they were in Carrickfergus; get the lowdown on Antrim's biggest celebs from Ballymena's favourite son; enjoy a 'piece' on the Peace Bridge; find the only place in Tyrone where you can get a mobile phone signal; stop for a spot of lunch in Northern Ireland's poshest village and travel round all 'five' of Belfast’s culturally significant 'Quarters'.

During their epic voyage of discovery through the six counties plus Belfast, the two friends – a loveable Tyrone culchie and his know-it-all 'townie' best mucker - are joined by a motley crew of local legends including some instantly recognisable faces (and voices) from local TV and radio.

A new episode of 'Pure Here & There' will be available every Thursday lunchtime from now until mid-December on and The Ulster Fry's Facebook.

Episode 1: County Armagh 

Episode 1 takes them to County Armagh where they grapple with Craigavon’s seemingly never-ending system of roundabouts before checking out the bright lights of Tandragee, Armagh Planetarium and Navan Fort. On the way they benefit from a helping hand - and a serious push - from a legend of Ulster and Irish rugby. 

Pure Armagh episode:

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Episode 2: County Antrim

Episode 2 sees the lads on a journey around County Antrim with a little help from Ballymena’s famous son, Jackie Fullerton. They take up residence in Portrush’s premier holiday accommodation – the epitome of sophistication and style: a caravan.

Pure Antrim episode:

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Episode 3: Co Down

Episode 3 takes the duo to County Down. First stop –Scrabo Tower then onwards to the Queen’s Northern Ireland residence and a spot of posh lunch in Hillsborough. The lads even explore Norn Iron’s very own Antarctica – Katesbridge - and test out the myth of the Magic Road! 

Pure Down episode:

Episode 4: County Derry ~ Londonderry 

The next leg of the almighty Pure Here & There journey is upon us… the lads have arrived in the North West to take a tour of Northern Ireland’s favourite cultural hotspot.

Stopping only for a bite of lunch on the Peace Bridge and a pint in the local pub, the pair adventure across the famous Walled City on a self-guided tour. They explore the various possible meanings of the ‘Hands Across the Divide’ sculpture, snap a selfie at The Guildhall and even bump into local legend Pat Ramsey!

Pure Legendary episode: 

Episode 5: Co Fermanagh 

This week the lads arrive in Co. Fermanagh! They are asking all the big questions - is there more to Fermanagh than water? And who dry-lined Enniskillen Castle? These important questions are tackled in this week’s episode, which also sees them check out Devenish Island and miss out on the Marble Arch Caves.

Pure Fermanagh episode:

Episode 6: Co Tyrone 

This week the lads descend on Co. Tyrone and take their own unique tour around the county’s famous landmarks including Beaghmore Stone Circles, Tullyhogue Fort and Cookstown - home to the widest and busiest street in the whole world… fact. But will they find somewhere in Co Tyrone with a phone signal?! Watch to find out.

Pure Tyrone Episode:

Episode 7: Belfast

This week sees the two intrepid roadtrippers complete their tour of NI by motoring into Belfast city centre in their trusty, sky blue campervan. On a freakishly sunny day in Belfast they take in the sights and sounds of the big smoke, including a memorable trip to the Nomadic and are given a cheeky welcome by the peerless Pamela Ballantine. Rumour has it they might be back next week for a Christmas special…

Pure Belfast episode:

Episode 8: Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas and with their trusty, Harp campervan parked for the holidays, the two ‘Pure Here & There’ roadtrippers are getting all the festive feels…The guys behind satirical news site The Ulster Fry have created a Christmas carol like no other, featuring a superstar celebrity cameo from Sir Jackie of Fullerton. Make sure you turn up the volume and plug in the headphones for this one as we have a special Christmas craic-er – Harp the Lager Angel Sings.

Christmas Episode: 

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