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Rubberbandits - Belfast Comedy Festival 2017


07 October 2017, 8.30pm

Fresh from creating music for the global blockbuster Trainspotting 2, artists and satirists The Rubberbandits return in association with Belfast Comedy Festival 2017. They've had a busy year, with a critically acclaimed series of documentaries on RTE and a TV series on MTV USA that was so groundbreaking it only aired for one episode.
Regularly weighing in on global events with cutting edge satire online and currently writing a book, the bandits have been developing a new live show in their spare time  which they bring to Belfast this October.
Hot off the heels of Continental Fistfight, which sold out over 60 nights in the UK, the new show which is currently in development promises new songs and new sketches. Little is known about this project as the men in the plastic bags remain tight lipped. Currently, they have only revealed that the project is called "Gammon Wranglers" and is about denim. Music videos are sure to follow in the coming months.

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Mandela Hall, Queen's University Students' Union, 79 University Road, BT7 1NF





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